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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. it is a cold start to this first monday of spring. randi: i know, man. i wish it was better. highs are in the 60' s in the seven-day forecast, just not today. taking a look at the radar. we have clear skies across greater cincinnati. temperatures are bottoming out, in some places in the 20' s. 27 in harrison. 28 in walton. many towns in the 20' s. most of us holding onto 30
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30 degrees at cvg with a bit of a breeze, enough to make it feel like the mid 20' s across greater cincinnati. yes, it is springtime but do not dress for it just yet. noon, sunny skies, 42. expect a high temperature around 49, 50 degrees for most of us. we have a check of traffic in just a second. lisa: breaking now. we' re live in glendale after a police chase ends with the suspected car crashing into a pole. as a result, wires are down and there' s a gas leak after gas lamps were damaged in the area. the scene is on the 200 block of east sharon road. there is a road closure because we' ll be sure to
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newsroom. meanwhile let' s check traffic. kyla: good morning. you will need to avoid that portion of sharon for the next 20, 30 minutes, maybe even an hour. 71, 75 looks good north and south down. a few extra cars there compared to on the ohio side. pretty smooth start in both directions. 275 toward the east gate area, very light north and southbound. not starting out with any interstate issues. we will keep you updated on sharon road. lisa: students and parents concerned this morning after another school threat is made on social media. mark: but this one was directed toward more than one school. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in clifton with what we' ve
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andrew: this is just the latest example of how easy it is to say something online that gets you in trouble in the real world. this teen is in custody after making some online threats. among the social media posts, threats to be the new osama and being a terrorist sounds fun. this teen called out schools by name, schools like walnut hills and dater, aiken and withrow, even schools in other districts like mount healthy and colerain. police received dozens and dozens of calls. they tracked down the teen and he' s now in custody. it' s not clear what charges he might face, but we have seen multiple cases like this lately where teens have made threats and wound up in juvenile court. police continue their investigation and again this teen is in custody. it' s not clear if he had the ability to carry out any of the threats that were made. live at district five, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. new this morning, a fire in wayne township overnight has
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this morning. butler county officials responded to the house fire on wayne' s trace road just after 11:30 last night. no one was injured. officials are still investigating the cause of the fire and where it originated in the home. red cross is now assisting the family. also new this morning, an apartment fire is under investigation off reading road. officials say it started in the laundry room in the basement just after 12:30 last night. residents were allowed to return to their apartments after firefighters had cleared the scene. no one was injured. the cause remains under investigation. lisa: the trial will begin today for a former xavier assistant basketball coach accused of sexual abuse. a xavier player claims bryce mckey invited her over to his home in covington to say goodbye before he took a job in maryland. but the father alleges mckey got the girl drunk and made sexual advances. mckey is also accused of offering money to the victim for
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mark: indiana governor mike pence has ordered all flags at state facilities to be flown at sheriff' s deputy killed in the line of duty. howard county deputy carl koontz died at an indianapolis hospital after being shot early sunday morning. he and his partner, sergeant jordan buckley, were serving an arrest warrant at a mobile home park when they were met with gunfire. both officers were wearing body armor. koontz had been a deputy for less than three years. >> carl will be missed. we appreciate any prayers and support that anyone out there can give us because we really need the prayers of the people that we serve. mark: the unidentified suspect was also killed in the gunfire. sergeant buckley is listed in stable condition and is alert. lisa: three people are dead after a holdup attempt at a toll plaza along the pennsylvania turnpike. police say danny crouse and ronald heist were shot and killed by clarence briggs at the
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they say briggs tied up the two -- one of the two men in an office before shooting them. police say briggs was loading money into his vehicle when a pennsylvania state trooper confronted him. briggs was fatally wounded in an exchange of gunfire. turnpike officials say a tragic event like this has only happened a few times in the 75-year history of the turnpike. >> our system is very secure, very safe. there' s more that we can do that is, we' re grieving right now, but we' ll bounce back. lisa: officials say briggs was honorably discharged in 2012 from the pennsylvania state police troop that covered the turnpike. police are still investigating the cause of the incident. williamstown police need your help tracking down two men who tried to rob a gas station. police say these men tried to walk into the marathon on 36 west saturday night, but workers had already locked the door.
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the ark parking lot. they were wearing hoodies. one of the men reportedly had a silver revolver. if you recognize them, call williamstown police. lisa: xavier looking to make it back to the sweet 16 for the second straight season. the musketeers had some trouble with wisconsin last night, and it came down to the wire. it was all tied up, and the badgers had the ball with two seconds to go. >> here we go. two to go. a trip to the suite 16. the shot, it' s good! it' s good! lisa: that is how xavier' s season ended. wisconsin wins in stunning fashion, 66-63. >> i knew it was good. in terms of beating the buzzer. i'
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i knew it was good. it' s heartbreaking. >> i just tried to stay strong. i told my teammates that i love them. that was pretty much it. mark: so now the sweet 16 is set, and basketball fans are getting a few days off. there will be four games on thursday and then four games on friday, including indiana' s matchup with unc. that game is set for 9:57 friday night. lisa: what a stunner. that was unbelievable. kyla: we have that big problem on east sharon road. i want to show you on the map were that is. sharon road at willow. they have closed that portion of the road. still a very active scene. to get around this, head south and over to oak would take princeton pike.
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county and the norwood lateral, you are looking at 16 minutes. 55 miles per hour in covington along 71, 75. we' re still very light volume wise through the covington area. interstate travel is looking pretty good to get us started on this monday. randi: it is looking cold. it is a cold or day. we take a look at the temperatures. most places very close to 30 degrees. west chester is one of the warmer spots on the map. 30 in lawrenceburg. those are actual air temperatures. it feels like the mid 20' s. you have that winter chill as you head out the door this morning.
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around 50. below normal today. guys? mark: new information on the suspected mastermind behind the attacks in paris last november. lisa: how the newly captured suspect is looking to avoid returning to the scene of the crime. mark: a new travel warning regarding the fast-spreading zika virus. which country was recently added to the cdc' s growing list. lisa: outside live on your monday.
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mark: good morning and welcome back. a chilly start to the first monday of spring. motorists are getting some bad news when they fill up at the gas station. the average price of gasoline jumped by a whopping 17 cents over the past two weeks, to
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grade. that' s according to industry analyst trilby lundberg, which says the hike is due to growing demand nationwide for gasoline and higher crude oil prices. the average diesel price stands at $2.15 per gallon. that' s up nine cents from two weeks ago. lisa: a grease fire outside an indianapolis truck stop grows to a three-alarm inferno. look at these claims. -- look at these flames. 150 firefighters from multiple departments battled the blaze at the flying j truckstop. investigators focused their efforts on an outside container that holds grease from the restaurant' s kitchen. everyone got out of the building safely. damage is estimated at approximately $2 million. mark: president barack obama continues his historic visit to cuba today. the president will lay a wreath at the jose marti memorial. marti was a cuban poet and considered a hero during cuba' s fight for freedom from spain in the 1800' s.
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to meet with cuban president raul castro and members of the cuban civil society. speaking of cuba, the cdc is now warning against travel to the country over zika virus concerns. the agency added cuba to a growing list of central and south american countries outbreaks are affecting most. most symptoms are mild, but zika has been linked to serious birth defects. right now it doesn' t have a vaccine, so the cdc is warning any travelers to use mosquito repellant. a most-wanted suspect in the paris terror attacks is now opposing extradition to france. lisa: that according to salah abdeslam' s attorney. abdeslam was released from a hospital in belgium saturday, where he was being treated for injuries related to a shootout with police friday. he is expected to undergo a second round of questioning by authorities. abdeslam is a key suspect in the paris terror attacks last november that killed 130 people. russia' s interstate aviation
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the black boxes belonging to the flydubai jet that crashed killing 62 people on board. specialists say the flight recorders are significantly damaged. the pilot tried to land amid strong winds and low visibility. terrorism has been ruled out as a cause of the crash. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: we are looking at not so springlike weather. it will be another day or so before it feels like spring and you can be comfortable with going outside without your winter coat. it will be cold today, warmer and windy tomorrow. this morning,dry conditions and clear skies. we have a bit of a breeze. most places around 30 or so.
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30 degrees at cvg. we had been through winter. a light breeze and it feels like the mid 20' s. you do need to go outside with your winter coats outside this morning. our highs this afternoon, about 48-50 degrees through the afternoon. notice the wind picking up and it will shift from west today to south tonight. not so springlike today. winter coats expected. still cold. the futurecast for today, a couple of high passing clouds and that is it. we have one shot of rain on thursday. today and tomorrow, it will be
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s tomorrow. 49 degrees and sunny skies today but cold. 35 tonight. without 63 tomorrow. the wind 20, 25 miles per hour tomorrow. i put the rain in there on wednesday night. it is more of a thursday issue. it will be a cold front knocking those temperatures down on friday. toward the weekend, people heading out to early morning services on sunday, temperatures closer to 60 degrees. there is some good stuff in the seven-day forecast. kyla: you have to put out the winter coat. snow is always my fallback.
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grant that winter coat -- grab that winter coat. 471 moving along north and southbound. we' re seeing green conditions. usually where up to 64 or 65 on 471 heading southbound. still not bad. we are seeing light traffic on the daniel carter beard bridge into downtown cincinnati. a very clear start. we' re keeping an eye on sharon road. lisa: thank you. a new law in vermont affecting general mills products across the country. mark: the changes you' ll see to the labeling on their products. lisa: apple is getting a little ahead of themselves this year. the new products they' re set to reveal today, months before their annual debut. mark: taking a live look outside as we get started on a monday morning.
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stay with us. you'
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 5:22 on your monday. apple will be in the spotlight the next two days. tomorrow, it' s for the next hearing in the company'
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showdown with the fbi over encryption. mark: yeah, but today, it' s for the introduction of the newest additions to its product line. kyla: the question is, how much excitement will apple' s unveiling? barely six months after introducing its iphone 6s and 6s plus, apple will fly in the face of potential phone fatigue. many consumers getting tired of constant new editions to technology. today tech experts expect a new offering possibly called the iphone se with many of the features of the 6s phones, but in a cheaper, smaller four-inch version. no new apple watch is expected today, but new accessories and bands for it are as is an updated ipad air, hoping to jumpstart sales for a product consumers hang on to. many observers see today' s apple event as the prelude to a september announcement of a largely redesigned iphone 7. well, overshadowing new products, though, could be any comments from ceo tim cook on the eve of apple' s courtroom
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encryption. and it' ll be center stage in a california courtroom tomorrow. a lot going on with apple today and tomorrow. i can understand the phone fatigue situation. lisa: who would have thought would be tired of new technology? mark: we do not read the manual. [laughter] lisa: we are tired of paying too mucgh - for the new stuf. mark: general mills says it' ll begin labeling its products nationwide that contain gmo' s to comply with a law that' s set to go into effect in vermont. the maker of cheerios cereals, progresso soups, and yoplait yogurts says it' s impractical to label products for just one state. a spokesman for general mills says the labeling will begin to appear on products over the next several weeks. lisa: clifton residents are one step closer to having a grocery store. this weekend, the clifton market
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clifton has been without a grocery store since 2011, when the keller iga closed. since then, members of the community have been raising funds to bring a grocery store back to the area. the new clifton market will be a full-service upscale grocery with local ties and up to 80 employees. >> and besides that it' s the hearth of the community. a great place to come together, meet friends and neighbors and celebrate each other and food. lisa: developers expect the construction buildout to take about four months, followed by two months for fixture installation and inventory stocking. mark: in blue ash, a new spin on the traditional easter egg hunt, . this one was held in the pool at the ymca. the great underwater egg hunt, as they called it, was held sunday afternoon. parents were allowed to help their little swimmers find eggs that were scattered all over the pool.
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lisa: how lucky they float? randi: indoor. got it. it is kind of cold outside. right now 32 degrees in norwood. 30, springboro and wilmington. generally it feels like the mid 20' s. you want the winter coat. i know we are thinking spring thoughts. did he didn' t get a chance to and want to today, we' ll still be in the 30' s this morning. temperatures around 50 today. not a bad day. you probably want the jacket this afternoon. temperatures back up into the 60' s tomorrow. warm again by the weekend. guys? mark: thank you. a local woman falls to her death at a nature sanctuary. lisa: how her co-workers are
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sudden tragedy. andrew: online threats could lead to real-world consequences for a cincinnati teen. the latest on threatening social
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news 5 today. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me mark: a last-second loss for the xavier musketeers. how the team reacted to the gut-wrenching defeat. lisa: a deadly accident that shut down part of 275 last night. what we' re learning about the two victims in the crash. mark: and breaking this morning, local students and parents in an uproar. how a teen is in custody after
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threats. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. kyla woods and randi rico here with the weather and traffic together. friendly affair with a check on the forecast. happy spring, what? randi: not fun for the first day of spring. we do have some warmer days in the forecast. not today. looking at the temperatures right now in our area, most places starting out pretty close to 30. we have spots in the 20' s. 26 in harrison, one of the coolest spots. 29, wilmington to hillsboro. most of us at 30. there is a little bit of a breeze. all across greater cincinnati, it feels like the mid and upper
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take the time to grab the winter coat. i know it is springtime, but you will look silly in shorts and t-shirts today. average high is around 55. today, we will be pushing 50 but may not quite get there. 49 degrees is the expected high. this morning, clear and cold. very close to 30 degrees still at 8:00 a.m., wind chill is mid 20' s. lunchtime, 42. are the afternoon, mostly sunny skies but high chapters should rebound the 60 starting tomorrow. -- temperatures should rebound to 60 starting tomorrow. mark: quite the mess after police chase ends in a crash in glendale. check out a live look. the suspects crashed into a pole a prompted ghastly. this is happening of a 200 block of east sheridan road which is closed. we know at least two people were
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stay with us with wlwt news 5 for continuous updates. now let' s check in with kyla for the rest of the commute. kyla: are interstate travel not impacted right now. we are looking pretty good on this monday. here' s a look at 275, eastbound and westbound looking good near the 75 interchange. not needing a great amount of time over your typical commute times heading out through the 5:00 hour, i think we will pick up in the 6:00 hour. 74 at colerain and beekman , a little heavier toward 75, but not sing any slowing down. 71 is smith edwards, looking good on that entire stretch inside the loop. lisa: thank you. developing this morning, one person is dead after a crash near the combs hehl bridge. eastbound i-275 was shut down last night after police say a pontiac grand am rear-ended a dodge.
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the hospital. he is in serious condition this morning. we' re still working to learn the identity of the victim. police are saying excessive speed and impairment could be causes for the crash. this happened not far from where a car went over this bridge less than a week ago. this week, likely tomorrow or wednesday, divers will resume the recovery of that car in the river. search efforts were suspended last week because of safety concerns related to the rising water. campbell county police believe they know the identity of the driver. mark: breaking this morning, a teen boy in police custody after disturbing threats posted on social media. lisa: and this threat targeted more than eight schools in the cincinnati area. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the investigation. andrew: if you are a parent, now is the time to talk your kids about how their online comments can have real-world consequences as his situation they' re dealing
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team in police custody over what he posted on social media. he threatened every school within a 50 mile radius of cincinnati including schools like one of hills and aiken. the team said kids should not come to school because he was going to be the new osama. the teenager was taken into custody. we do not know what charges he faces yet. he seemed very aware of the concerns his comments were creating posting things like, "look, i am on the news. and i guess the police are coming." it is clear threats like these will be taken sicily by police. that teenager now in custody. reporting live andrew setters, , wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. a local woman falls to her death at a nature sanctuary. police have now identified the hiker as 22-year-old mary investigators say she slipped
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run nature sanctuary in lexington saturday afternoon. rescuers tried to move her body using a boat, but the boat capsized with six firefighters and stewart on board. the firefighters swam to safety and recovered the body from the river. last night stewart' s classmates and coworkers held a vigil. >> katie was an extraordinary young lady. she lit up a room anywhere she went. i called her a beacon of light, so anytime she was around she would fill a room with joy. she was incredible in the way she cared for others. mark: katie' s classmates have set up a go-fund-me page to help her family. we have more information on our website, lisa: happening today, the trial begins for a norwood man accused of luring a teenager for sex and then holding her against her will. cody lee jackson faces charges of sex abuse and kidnapping. prosecutors say last year jackson met his victim on facebook and then lured her to his home for sex. jackson is also facing additional charges, accused of
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from jail. also happening today, three people accused in the death of a st. bernard man are expected to be back in court. their trial is set to begin. james kirby jr., mario lewis, and chasidy brewer have all been indicted in 73-year-old carl engel' s murder. investigators say they killed him when he came home and caught them burglarizing his home. mark: north korea has fired for an identified short-range projectiles from the country' s east coast about 2:30 this morning, south korea saying its military is closely tracking and monitoring the situation and maintaining full readiness should they have to react. since early february, north korea has fired to -- 15 various projectiles on four occasions. president obama needs raul castro today. they will sit down and discuss improving u.s. cuban relations despite deep differences. welcome from cuban president
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meeting between the two leaders, where the white house says the president will be candid about areas of disagreement, including human rights practices. mr. obama: this is a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and to forge new agreements and commercial deals, to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to lay out my vision for a future that is brighter than our past. mark: also this morning, the president will lay a wreath at the memorial to jose marti, the cuban poet honored as a hero for his role in the country' s fight for freedom from spain. then the president will wind down his trip with a baseball game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. lisa: a protester sucker-punched at a trump rally in arizona this weekend is speaking out about the incident. the protester, identified as bryan sanders, was being escorted out when a trump supporter appears to punch him, and then kick him after he fell to the ground. >> i had a sign that said "bad for america" and it had trump with the confederate flag
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i was being escorted out of the building. i had that in my right hand a peace sign up. a guy grabbed the sign out of my right hand and sucker-punched me. then he go to top of me and hit me several more times. lisa: police say the suspected attacker, tony pettway, is facing misdemeanor assault charges. there were other anti-trump protests in new york and saturday fountain hills, arizona, where three people were arrested. mark: in the meantime other , presidential hopefuls have also descended upon the west, trying to woo voters there, texas senator ted cruz asking his supporters to reconsider. ohio governor john kasich is adamant that despite what anyone says, he will not drop out, nor will he be anyone' s running mate. >> earlier in the week you totally ruled out ever being donald trump' s running mate. >> under no circumstances. what, are you people kidding me? >> all right, what about ted cruz? >> no. i' m not going to be anybody' s running mate. i'
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mark: arizona and utah voters go to the polls tomorrow. the xavier musketeers looking to advance to the sweet 16 took on wisconsin last night. the badgers and muskies went back and forth. lisa: wlwt news 5' reports from st. louis with yet another heartbreaking loss for a cincinnati team. >> historic season for xavier came to a gut wrenching and. these kids were heartbroken. >> just tough we came up short. >> what doesn' t kill you makes you stronger, that is the quote. >> led to this, wisconsin' s brought in canada with a three with two seconds left to tie the game, shattering the hopes of another sweet 16 appearance for the muskies. chris mack had words of wisdom for his team. >> i told our players, if this is the worst thing that happens in your life, you' re going to
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nobody wants to lose, but that is high your defined. adversity is going to come. how you deal. >> showed true maturity when he assured the media that the sun would come out tomorrow and he would in fact be ok. reporting from the scott trade center wlwt wlwt, news 5 sports. mark: let' s see what is coming our way with the forecast. a cold start to this first monday of spring. randi: we do have a warm-up darting tomorrow. make it through a monday, bundled up with your winter coat, looking at 30 degrees currently at cvg. 29 in wilmington. yes, there is a bit of a breeze. never fun to show you windchills in springtime, but it feels like 22 at cvg, 21 in wilmington and 28 you' re like an airport.
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bundle up. winter coats are necessary as the kids had out to the bust stop this morning with temperatures close to 30. i know they were able to wear shorts and t-shirts last couple of weeks, not in the cards today. highs this afternoon only an upper 40' s to maybe 50. 2:00 to 3:00, sunny and cool, right around 47 degrees. lisa: they give. the weather awareness week kicking off this week. mark: who are the most accurate meteorologists and who are they? teaming up to make sure you' re prepared? ? lisa: mark: looking at newport on a levy, 30 degrees right now. stay with us, you'
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s wlwt randi: good morning. taking a live look outside toward fountain square. lady liquid looking nice. a little on the cold side this morning. i think it is going to be a rough day, suffering from the status of your bracket over the weekend, well, i guess it is time to look past basketball season and toward baseball season. right now today, we are two weeks away from opening day here in cincinnati. that is something that could brighten up your outlook for today.
5:45 am
as far as the forecast goes, typically we go seven days at a time. i went to look long-range. things could totally change, but right now, a cooler day for opening day. something we will be watching as we roll toward the first day of baseball season. i will have the outlook that includes both cool and warm days and my seven-day, and a couple of minutes. lisa: funeral arrangements have been set for a 4-year-old boy police say died after being put in scalding hot water. austin cooper' s funeral is now set for tomorrow at herr-riggs funeral home in middletown. franklin police have charged the boy' s stepmother, anna ritchie, with child endangering. they satiated to putting the boys legs in scalding water as a punishment. the next morning his father found him dead. mark: a proposed change to ohio smoking ban could allow smoking indoors at private clubs. state senator from cincinnati sponsored the bill. supporters say the idea wickmayer other smoking ban
5:46 am
really, private clubs can allow smoking if they are not attached other buildings, don' employees, and our nonprofit. but the new bill would remove happening today, the cincinnati fire department and cincinnati firefighters union local 48 is celebrating world down syndrome today by giving back. the group will present a check for money raised through t-shirt sales to down syndrome association of greater s quarters. jim hudson, the director of dsagc, will accept the donation at station 32 in avondale at 1:00 this afternoon. lisa: people spent hours in line outside a church to get a taste of a homely tradition this weekend. the sons of italy have hosted the original italian dinner for 105 years. it is a hefty recipe to cook the happiness, 500 gallons of red sauce am a 23,000 meatballs, and
5:47 am
organizers say they' re kept the tradition alive through generations and the neil promises leftovers to share. >> i came with my girlfriend. they have been coming for a least eight years, said it was really good food. i was like, why not? lisa: sacred heart offers people a chance to eat in or carry out. the church has donated leftovers to local shelters the past years. today marks the beginning of severe weather awareness week here in hamilton county. mark: the wlwt team of meteorologists are partnering with the hamilton county emergency managers to coordinate a week of severe weather preparedness information. >> if we at the national weather service issue a tornado warning, we are depending on the media to be broadcasting that alert to the public, so they can take action and seek shelter. mark: watches and warnings are terms often used on weather coverage. today on wlwt news 5 at 5:00, our meteorologists will break down the terms and talk about
5:48 am
the weather threats in the area. lisa: import time of year to be aware. randi: spring can bring all sorts of crazy kinds of weather and for us, it will be a calm day, but not warm. the winter chill is definitely in full effect this morning. we will get sunshine today and temperatures topping out somewhere near 50 degrees. as we tickle -- take a look at the radar, we have clear skies across our area. we have light winds , just enough to get a bit of a windchill. right now sitting at 30 degrees, winds out of the west in mind miles an hour, so feels like 22. the winds will shift out of the west to the south tonight and tomorrow, so temperatures get a big boost tomorrow. it will be kind of windy. today, 8:00, winter chill, right around 30. lunchtime, 42.
5:49 am
s to write around 50. a couple of passing high clouds today. tonight, fear in cold. we will start out tomorrow morning in the mid 30' s. we will see the winds picking up out of the south. today, 49 for the high, sunny skies, chilly condition, the winds picking up this evening. overnight, 35 degrees for the expected low. on the breezy side. tomorrow, 63, windy through the day. sustained winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour, wendy but warmer. wednesday, a decent day, increasing clouds, breezy. the rain should hold off until almost midnight. more of a thursday rain event for us, showers through the day, maybe a rumble of thunder or the evening as the cold front rolls through. should make it to the mid and upper 60' s. temperatures a little cooler for
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sunday, easter sunday, 61 degrees. in the morning, plan on s. only one really wet day. kyla: we have not seen too many issues outside of the closure in glendale we are watching for you at sharon road and willow. you want to avoid that portion of sharon. we will let you know when it reopens. 17 minutes on 71 out of warren county from kings mills to the norwood lateral. across the river, 18 minutes on 71-75. 14 minutes on 275 from 74 to route 4. things are picking up route 4 or near route 4 on 275 tour the 75 interchange. this is when we start to see be heavier volume. nothing out of the ordinary. we will check again at the top of the hour. mark: thank you. a celebrity appearance at a florida panthers game this
5:51 am
lisa: how kevin spacey, whenever tradition involving him over social media. mark: they are not your typical flower girls. how a few elderly women made a fitness instructor special day feel even better. lisa: i can' t wait to your more about that. let' s take a live look outside through citycam. 5:50, 30 degrees.
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s wlwt lisa: another live look at a crash scene in glendale right now after a police chase this morning. police say the suspects crashed into a pole and hit several gas streetlamps. the road is closed, used sharon road, 200 block. we will bring another live update of the crash coming up at the top of the hour. we are checking some stories that are trending this morning. >> donald, donald stand by me mark: after speaking to the west palm beach republican party, donald trump was serenaded. trump come along with dr. ben carson, was asked to return to
5:55 am
mr. trump and carson awkwardly swayed with the music. all right, then. four women, all over 90-years-old, were flower girls in their exercise instructor' s wedding. in matching pink outfits the , elderly flower girls were escorted down the aisle. the bride said she has a special relationship with these women and couldn' t imagine her wedding day without them. from age 90 to 96, the years aren' t holding these ladies back proving you can celebrate love , at any age. good stuff. actor kevin spacey is apparently the florida panthers' new faceoff specialist, showing his face to fans after sporting a spacey in space mask. the spacey in space shirt and masks started as an inside joke among panthers players. spacey, who stars as president frank underwood in "house of cards," caught wind of the promotion through social media and decided he had to take part in the tradition.
5:56 am
passes it along to someone else. lisa: happening today, astronomers will be observing a twin comet flyby. nasa says these two comets could be interplanetary twins. that means the smaller one on your right may be a fragment that broke off the bigger one that is on your left. the smaller comet was discovered two months ago. its larger twin will pass near earth today, with the smaller comet following suit on tuesday. mark: still ahead at 6:00, parents upset after school threats surface on facebook. lisa: the local schools involved and the 15-year-old taken into custody. mark: a dagger for xavier nation. the reaction after the x-men end up on the wrong side of a stunning upset. randi: brackets are burning all across greater cincinnati. you can use that to warm up today because temperatures are on the cold side. starting out very close to 30. windchill in the 20' s. bundle up today.
5:57 am
s. 42 at noon. 49 at 4:00. the good news, we are not stuck in the freezer. temperatures will be warming up for the middle of the week. we will take a look at the temperatures when we come back. did you say honey? hey, try some?
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of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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lisa: parents concerned across the city after facebook threats target several local schools. what happened before a 15-year-old ended up in police custody.
6:00 am
crash near the camp hehl bridge. what we are learned this morning about the victims. lisa: heartbreak for the musketeers. the reaction from xavier after a devastating loss. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: leading the way with breaking news. we' re live in glendale after a police chase ends with the driver crashing into a pole. as a result, wires are down and there' s a gas leak due to gas lamps being damaged in the area. this is in the 200 block of east sharon road. we are also learning a transformer blew in the chaos. we spoke to a business owner who got an early wakeup call about the investigation. >> i got down here and saw there' s a telephone poll sticking outside the side of my building. all i heard was there was a pursuit through the village. and i guess somebody jumped the train track, hit the telephone pole and then ended up several


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